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Saddle Bags, Thigh, Calf Liposuction

Saddle Bags correction

Females are genetically predisposed for accumulating the fatty tissues around the hips and sometimes men also struggle to have wide hips or saddle bags .Usually females with saddle bags ( fat around the outer thigh )   are tired of this abnormal accumulation of fat and also a  abnormal gait . Saddle bags deformity is more in the minds and also a factor of depression among these females . Liposuction of Saddle bags offers a safe and effective method for eliminating the stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise .It can usually be performed under local anesthesia as well as the general anesthesia depending upon the age  and compatibility of the patient . Once again Vaser Liposuction is the answer to this problem and cannot be compared to any non surgical measures .

Thigh Liposuction

Fat cells tend to accumulate all around the thigh i.e. the front of the thigh , outer and inner aspect of thigh . usually female tends to collect a huge amount of fat around the thighs after child bearing and hence difficult to get rid of this stubborn fat . The inner thighs rub around each other while walking and running and cause a constant mental agony among these patients . Vaser liposuction is a answer to this problem . Liposuction helps in the suction of the fat from all the compartment of thighs giving a better contour and shape , post operative pressure garments are required for four to six weeks . the patient are allowed to walk the same day of the procedure .

Calf Liposuction

Some of the females patients having bulky thighs and hips , also have bulky calves  and due to this these patients cannot wear short skirt and dresses . Calf reshaping can easily be done with liposuction along with vaser . the procedure can be done individually under local anesthesia or can be combined with other areas . The scars are very fine and hidden under the knee crease  post operative pressure garments are advised .