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Acne Scar Treatment in Gurgaon

Acne scars are one of the worst scars one can have on the face as they make your face completely unattractive. They are often due to hormonal imbalance. They are usually stubborn and often do not respond to home remedies as thought earlier. But though needing extensive treatments, these acne scars are now treatable. Under the guidance of best aesthetic surgeon, Dr Ashish Khare offers the most effective, economical and successful treatment acne scars package in Gurgaon.

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acne scar treatment in Gurgaon

FAQs about acne scars

How is acne scar formed?
Active acne usually causes a lot of inflammation, which may cause damage to the underlying dermal collagen layer, which may later lead to depressed scars. if excessive collagen is produced due to reactionary process, hypertrophic scars are produced.

What are the types of acne scar?
There are different categorization of acne scars,

  1. Depressed or atrophic scar – these are the most common on face and further divided as follows
  2. Boxcar type – these are wide U shaped scars with sharp edges
  3. Icepick type – these are narrow V shaped scars
  4. Rolling type – these are wide with round edges
  5. Hypertrophic scars – these are most common on jawline, back, shoulders and chest and caused due to excessive collagen production.
  6. Dark spots – these are just pigment changes on skin and do not exactly have scar pathology.

What are the different treatment modalities offered in the package?
Treatment of acne scar demands multi modality treatment and usually a combination of the following. Dr Ashish Khare, best acne scar doctor in Gurgaon, will assess your skin first and make a package most suitable for you.

  1. for depressed scars – Combination of laser therapy + carbon peel + chemical peel + prp therapy + microdermabrasion + subcision( breaking the fibrous bands below the acne which pull it down)
  2. for severely depressed scars – fillers + nano fat injections + skin tightening by RF + micro needling (which induces collagen production) along with other therapies
  3. for icepick scars – TCA injections along with other therapies
  4. for raised acne scars – surgery + intralesional steroid therapy + laser therapy (PDL) + other supportive therapy

What are the precautions to take care ?
The skin becomes extra sensitive after each treatment, hence it needs to be specially protected from sun. A good sunscreen with SPF 50 needs to be applied daily and other creams to be avoided. Tanning activities like sun bathing, swimming need to be avoided.

Acne treatment requires multiple session of each treatment, hence patient must come back sincerely at the appointed time.