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Best Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery in Gurgaon

Rhinoplasty plastic surgery is not just a cosmetic surgery but also a clinical treatment. It is also known as a nose job surgery.

It aims at reconstructing the nose by removing congenital defects and restores the function of the nose and also corrects and resolves several nasal issues eg the shape and size of the nose, minor defects like bumps on the nose, the width of the nostrils, and angle of the nose and the mouth. Other medical conditions like improper breathing and hump inside the nose are also cured by the procedure.

You can get the best Nose Surgery by well experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Gurgaon (india) at Kalosa Clinic. It is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeon and cost-effective Rhinoplasty Surgery provider clinic in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

What Happens During the Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon?

The nose surgery in Gurgaon is performed under the effect of general anesthesia. Small incisions are made to assess the tissues, cartilage, and bones, inside and surrounding the nose. After carefully assessing the bones and cartilage, the Rhinoplasty surgeon removes or adds tissues, in order to achieve the desired surgical results.

Tissues can be added from one part of the body to the nose, or instead, fillers can also be used. After the surgeon has successfully placed the tissues in shape and arranged them, some tissues are draped over the nose to give it final shape.

The new shape or structure is then supported by a splint (a device used to immobilize and protect the part of a body) till the nose heals.

After the Procedure


Minor risks of rhinoplasty include nose bleeding, infection, prolonged numbness, swelling, scarring, and breakage of blood vessels. More complex risks include reaction to anesthesia, hematoma (blood accumulation outside the blood vessels) and permanent or temporary nerve damage.

The splint is removed 5-6 days after the surgery. The patients are advised to avoid any contact support, too much exposure to the sun, and consuming too much salt. The doctor may also prescribe some medication to relieve redness, swelling, and pain.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon

There are many benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon, depending on what one expects from the surgery.

1. Rhinoplasty can change the way you look and feel about yourself.

2. People who are seeking to correct congenital defects or any discomfort in breathing can highly benefit from the procedure, as it effectively treats nasal disorders.

3. The healing process is also hassle-free.

How to Get Nose Surgery in Gurgaon?

If you’re contemplating a rhinoplasty, thorough research is crucial. Kalosa, a renowned cosmetic clinic, excels in performing nearly perfect rhinoplasty surgeries. Schedule a consultation with our nose surgeon in Gurgaon to discuss your goals, concerns, and expectations. Be completely honest about what bothers you about your nose and how you’d like to improve it.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect nose.’ However, surgery can enhance your facial features and highlight your natural beauty. Your surgeon will assess your face, nose, and overall health, discussing the procedure’s cost, recovery time, and potential risks. Reviewing before-and-after photos from previous cases can provide a better understanding of the expected results. When you get in touch with Kalosa, you get high-tier treatment with affordable nose surgery cost in Gurgaon.

Why Choose Kalosa for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon?

Rhinoplasty in Kalosa can significantly improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your nose, but it’s essential to make an informed decision and choose skilled professionals like at Kalosa Clinic to achieve the best possible results.

Here’s what we do better:

  • Track record of over __ successful surgeries

  • Professional and trained staff

  • Experience in handling any type of case/surgery
Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Gurgaon

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Gurgaon?

Rhinoplasty has gained popularity in Gurgaon in recent years. If you’re considering correcting a crooked nose, it’s a viable option.

A comprehensive evaluation, consideration of your medical history, and other factors are essential.

The cost of Nose Surgery in Gurgaon varies depending on several factors.

These include the surgeon’s expertise, the location of the procedure, medical treatment fees, and any necessary health check-ups, among others.

It’s important to consult with a qualified professional to understand the specific cost implications for your case.

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Rhinoplasty (Nose) Plastic Surgery Before and After