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Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

Are you a male and worried of having the appearance of a female-like chest? Do you feel embarrassed about having full-blown breast development? Stop worrying now! We are ready to help you with best Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi.

Gynecomastia is defined as the swelling or enlargement of the chest tissues in men. The condition is mainly caused due to the higher male estrogen levels in the body at puberty and multiple other factors. We, at Kalosa Clinic, have leading plastic surgeon to offer the best Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction surgery in Delhi. Our clinic is famous for providing excellent results in Gynecomastia Surgery and our 100% patient satisfaction rates in male breast reduction make our surgeon best in Delhi. He has till now done more than 3000+ cases and is best in his field.

What are the Grades of Gynecomastia?

Normally, gynecomastia with component of fat as well as glandular tissue does not get reduced by exercise and diet. With the liposuction and glandular removal treatment, it is quite an efficient option for getting the best outcome. Before getting the treatment for Gynecomastia in Delhi, it is important to know about the Grades of Gynecomastia.

  • Grade 1 – Puffy nipples
  • Grade 2 – Puffy nipples and excess fat
  • Grade 3 – Puffy nipples and excess fat with enlarged excess skin
  • Grade 4 – Female like breast Exercise and diet are not the best solutions for getting rid of this Gynecomastia.

What is the Reason for Gynecomastia?

Based on recent research, more than 80% of the causes of Gynecomastia are due to imbalanced hormone changes in the body. In both men and women, testosterone and estrogens control the development as well as maintain the sex characteristics. Testosterone, also called the male hormone, mainly controls the male traits that include body hair, muscles, and many other parts. When the male estrogen level is high, then it creates an imbalance in the testosterone, which can result in Gynecomastia. Several other health conditions responsible for this are as follows:

  • Kidney Failure
  • Hypogonadism
  • Tumors Hyperthyroidism
  • Malnutrition
  • Liver Failure

Why Opt for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is one of the conditions in the male that needs to be treated for reducing the size of their growing chest. Gynecomastia is usually resistant to the exercises, workout, or diet. Fat burner or the medications are also ineffective for Gynecomastia. Ayurveda or Homeopathy does not provide the proper solution for this medical condition. All this ultimately leads to depression and self consciousness in males. The only answer to this condition is surgery and that too getting it done from an expert plastic surgeon. Dr Ashish Khare is a bonafide gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, expert to correct this condition and giving you the best results.

What is the Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi?

The gynecomastia surgery cost mainly varies from person to person based on the severity and the anaesthesia being opted – local or general. We provide professional service for the male breast reduction surgery in Delhi with the best results and at the best affordable prices.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost includes:
  • Hospital or Surgical Facility Costs
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Surgeon’s Fee ( according to his qualification and experience)

Why Choose Us for Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi?

Founded by Dr. Ashish Khare, the Kalosa Clinic is the leading cosmetic clinic with the top plastic surgeon for the Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi and provides the best results. The surgeon is well experienced in doing gynecomastia surgery in local anaesthesia as well general anesthesia. He is an expert in doing vaser liposuction and gives you the desired shape of the chest. If you need quality with excellence, you need to definitely meet him and get rid of the embarrassment.