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Breast Reduction Surgery in Kanpur

In case you are uncomfortable with your large breast size that is resulting in physical pain or affect the confidence and self-esteem, it is a good idea to consider breast reduction surgery. Breast Reduction in Kanpur is offered by the best plastic surgeon at Kalosa Clinic. Also known as Mammoplasty, this process has several long-term benefits that come with the reduction or removal of excess fat therefore reducing the size and weight of the breasts. This process in some part also involves liposuction as per the circumstances and case history of a patient.

Female Breast Reduction Surgery in Kanpur

A breast reduction procedure is usually considered very safe and let women recover very quickly. The best time to get female breast reduction surgery done is ideally after women have undergone pregnancy and breastfeeding but that does not stop even from teenagers to opt for this surgery. Weight loss also has a direct impact on breast size, so the procedure must be carried out after going through diet and not before that.

Prior to female breast reduction in Kanpur, a surgeon evaluates patient’s medical history, gets onto discussion about her expectations with the breast size along with explaining the perks and risks. Furthermore, before the surgery, a patient is advised to undergo certain lab tests, avoid painkillers, perform a baseline mammogram, quit smoking and is put on anti-inflammatory drugs.

Some of the common techniques followed for breast reduction include the following:

  • Vertical Scar: It is best suited to remove small areas of the skin and tissues, leaving behind short incision scars.
  • Horizontal Scar: In this process, a horizontal incision is made across inframammary fold as well as around nipple-areola to take off extra fat from the targeted area.
  • Liposuction technique also known as lipectomy: This technique results in restricted breast-reduction but have benefits of tiny incision-scars.
  • Free Nipple-Graft: The major benefit of this technique is that it results in showcasing results in larger volume of breast cells.

Why Choose Us for Breast Reduction Surgery in Kanpur

Breast Reduction Surgeon in Kanpur

Undergoing breast reduction or mammaplasty imparts numerous benefits out to which some are long term. These have a positive effect on their overall quality of life. These are the benefits of getting Breast Reduction Surgery in Kanpur at Kalosa Clinic:

  • Chronic pain reduction: Women who have large breasts record shoulder, neck, and back pain. By taking off the extra weight, it helps in reducing the pain as well.
  • Nerve pain reduction: With the normal breast size, the shoulders won’t roll forward which does not compress nerves. This therefore results in nerve pain relief or any of the numbness or burning.
  • Better Lifestyle: Larger breasts can cause hindrance in performing various activities such as jogging, running etc. With smaller breasts, one can comfortably enjoy aerobic and cardiovascular exercise and have access to supportive bras.
  • Greater sleep posture: Women with large breasts often struggle with a comfortable position while sleeping. After the breast reduction surgery, women tend to find a comfortable position and wear without requiring excessive breast support.
  • Heightened self-esteem: With better body comes better confidence and great self-esteem. Women undergoing breasts reduction record improved emotional quality of life. They find themselves more attractive and have a better choice in living. This overall betterment in their appearance results in improved self-reliance and great life quality.

What to expect after the surgery?

Post the surgery, patients can expect some bit of pain for a few days. However, the patients are prescribed relief medication. Any swelling or numbness is expected to subside within a few days, but the overall discomfort takes time to go. The overall breasts area is covered with bandage or a gauze dressing to ensure safety from infection. Women are also advised to avoid indulging into any strenuous physical activities to avoid pressure on the breasts since these need to be protected and heal completely after the procedure.

What is Breast Reduction Cost in Kanpur?

Breast Reduction Surgeon in Kanpur at Kalosa Clinic work with the patient to ensure best course of action as per the preferences and goals stated by them, followed by ensuring to pick the safest method of surgery. Breast Reduction Cost in Kanpur depends on condition of the patient and their expectations. It can also vary from the hospital’s clinical infrastructure and the surgeon’s experience.

For more details on breast reduction surgery in Kanpur and know the best suit for your body type, you can contact us or visit our clinic.