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Hymenoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that fixes or restores the hymen, a thin membrane near the opening of the vagina. This procedure is also known as Hymenorrhaphy. It is done to repair a torn hymen, which some people associate with virginity. The hymen is a pink, thin tissue located about half an inch inside the vagina, forming part of the entrance.

The exact function of the hymen remains unknown, but it is widely believed to act as a barrier in the vagina, protecting against external sources of infection. Typically, the hymen tears during first intercourse, but strenuous physical activities or the use of tampons can also cause it to rupture prematurely. Additionally, some women are born without a hymen altogether. In cases where restoration, construction, or repair of the hymen is desired, a surgical procedure known as Hymenoplasty is performed.

At Kalosa Clinic in Gurgaon, individuals seeking Hymenoplasty or Hymenorrhaphy can access high-quality services that are both affordable and effective. For people considering hymenoplasty surgery, it is important to understand the entire process, from preparation to recovery, as well as the associated expenses.

The article below will provide you with a comprehensive overview of hymen repair surgery. A detail of the surgical process step by step – discussing how to prepare for the hymen surgery, what to expect during recovery, and outlining the costs involved.

Hymenoplasty Surgery

What Are the Procedures of Hymenoplasty Treatment?

Basic Technique: Sewing the hymen together is the initial step in treating a ruptured hymen. When there are still hymens, it is done. To minimize the pain and discomfort, it is done under local or general anesthesia. Hymen’s ripped sections are sewn back together, and the stitches disintegrate on their own.

Hymen Reconstruction Surgery: Using tissues taken from the vaginal lip. A new hymen is generated during this surgery. Following the procedure, you must refrain from sexual activity for a minimum of ninety-nine days. The length of the procedure would depend on how much work needed to be done. It might take one to two hours for this method.

Alloplant Surgery Method: When it is not possible to sew back the remnants of a ripped hymen. The Alloplant method is used. The surgeon inserts a biomaterial in the vagina that functions as an artificial hymen. The process is carried out under general anesthesia, which takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Who Is Ideal Candidate for Hymenoplasty?

Women who have undergone sexual assault may suffer from psychological trauma, feeling as though they have lost their innocence and control. Hymenoplasty can restore the hymen, helping them reclaim a sense of control over their bodies.

Adolescents undergoing hormonal changes may engage in sexual experimentation, leading to unintentional rupture of the hymen due to peer pressure or curiosity. Hymenoplasty offers a solution to restore the hymen, allowing them to move forward without regret.

Some women are born without a hymen and may choose to undergo hymen repair surgery to enhance their sexual pleasure. This cosmetic procedure not only repairs or restores the hymen but can also create a new one, enhancing sexual satisfaction.

Imperforate hymen is a condition where the hymen completely covers the vaginal opening, hindering menstrual flow and causing complications. Hymenoplasty can correct this condition by creating a small opening in the membrane to facilitate normal blood flow.

Rigorous physical activities such as cycling, horse riding, or tampon insertion can accidentally rupture the hymen. Hymenoplasty can repair the damaged hymen caused by such activities and restore its integrity.

The Hymen Repair Consultation With Dr. Deepti Asthana:

To get hymen repair surgery without complications, you must consult the doctor before the surgical process and follow the precautions and instructions advised by your surgeon post-surgery. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do when getting a hymenoplasty in Gurgaon or hymen repair surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

At Kalosa Clinic in Gurgaon, individuals seeking Hymenoplasty or hymen surgery can access high-quality services that are both affordable and effective. For people considering this hymen repair surgery, it is important to understand the entire process, from preparation to recovery, as well as the associated expenses.

Things to Do Before the Hymen Surgery:
  • Schedule a consultation with the leading gynecologist or obstetrician in Gurgaon, India.
  • To evaluate your health and check for any allergies to anesthesia.
  • During the consultation, your doctor may prescribe medications to minimize the risk of heavy bleeding during hymen surgery and to prevent infections afterward.
  • Plan to take time off from work, as you will need complete rest for at least 48 hours after the hymen repair surgery.
Things to Do After the Hymen Surgery:
  • Take a complete rest for a minimum of two days after the hymen surgery.
  • Refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activities for up to four weeks to allow proper healing.
  • Expect soreness in the operated area; take the prescribed medications to alleviate pain and prevent infection.
  • Arrange a follow-up check-up with your doctor once the operated area has healed to ensure proper recovery.

Why Choose Kalosa Clinic for Hymenoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR?

At Kalosa Clinic, the medical staffs take care of your worries with lots of care and skill.

Dr. Deepti Asthana at Kalosa Clinic is the top Hymenoplasty Surgeon in Gurgaon. He knows a lot about this field and is good at figuring out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Dr. Deepti Asthana has over 14 years of experience in this field. She is also an internationally trained cosmetic gynae surgeon  from American Aesthetic Association and has passion for cosmetic gynae work. Dr. Deepti Asthana keeps up with all the new things happening in medicine so he can give you the best treatment possible.

She has done her MBBS from the prestigious King George Medical College, Lucknow and was amongst the toppers of the batch. She has completed her masters in Obs. & Gynae(M.S.) from SMS Medical College, Jaipur. This is one of the busiest hospital of India in terms of patient load, hence working here helped her gain vast experience of conducting innumerable vaginal surgery and LSCS and performing gynae surgeries in very early years of her career.

Dr. Deepti Asthana has done her Senior Residency from ESI Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science & Research, Basaidarapur, New Delhi and has worked further in many premium tertiary government and private institutions. She has acquired fellowship and diploma in Minimal Access Surgery from World Laparoscopy Hospital and worked with most experienced laparoscopic gynae surgeons till now. That explains her passion for laparoscopic gynecological surgeries. She has added another feather in her cap. She has received international training in gyaecological cosmetic surgery, from American Aesthetic Association. She has mastered the art of creating designer vaginas and helping recreate beautiful perineums. She has participated in numerous obstetrics & gynecological conferences and workshops till date and has multiple publications in national and international journals in her name.

Kalosa Clinic has the latest tools for taking pictures inside your body, so we can see exactly what’s going on.

The medical staffs at Kalosa always think about their patients’ comfort and make sure they have a clean and friendly place for their check-ups and treatments

The doctor would give you local or general anesthesia so that you won’t experience any pain during the hymen repair surgery.

The surgical process may last from 30 min to 2 hours depending upon the steps involved in the hymen repair surgery.

Dr. Deepti Asthana, Hymenoplasty Specialist Surgeon
Kalosa Clinic In Gurgaon

How Much Hymenoplasty Surgery Cost in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR?

The cost of Hymenoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon can vary depending on several factors. Let’s explore the key aspects that affect the total price of the hymen reconstruction surgery cost in Gurgaon and hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi NCR cost.

  • Consultation Fee
  • Diagnostic Tests – Laser Surgery for Fissure
  • Type of Hospital
  • Type of Selected Room
  • Kind of Surgery
  • Admission fee
  • Patient’s Medical Status
  • Patient’s Age
  • Location or City

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