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Gone are the days when females used to ignore their own intimate health and suffer in silence. it has been clearly established that any kind of stress can affect your overall health and well being, no matter even if it is originating from their own sexual and genital health. Cosmetic gynae procedures are now really getting popular as they have given a way for females to re define themselves without any iota of guilt.it is their right to get their sexual life better, the awareness for which has finally come.

Dr Deepti Asthana is an internationally trained cosmetic gynae surgeon from American Aesthetic Association and has passion for the cosmetic gynae procedures. She is the best cosmetic gynae doctor in DELHI NCR. KALOSA clinic has advantage of having team of Dr Ashish Khare  who is a plastic surgeon and understands aesthetics well. they compliment each other well and their team is the best profile of doctors you can ask for.

No doubt, KALOSA COSMETIC GYNAE CLINIC is the best clinic for cosmetic gynae procedures and offers the following non-surgical  cosmeticgynae procedures for the patients :

  1. vaginal rejuvenation
  2. vaginal bleach and whitening
  3. labial augmentation
  4. vaginismus treatment

for further reading, you can switch over to our dedicated cosmetic gynae website www.kalosaaesthetics.com