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Women hate their LOVE HANDLES, still we call them love handles, and not hate handles. This is truly ironical.Are you also one of those conscious people because of pouchy area around your hips which pouts out of any dress you wear? These areas are called as flank fat or love handles.

The love handles on the flank area which create that “Muffin top “ look are the least loved part of our bodies both  among men and women , BUT  the most desirous area for  VASER Liposuction .

Although  some areas of abdominal fat can be melted out with diet and exercise but the love handles are resistant and stubborn and gradually they  grow and accumulate around your waist band , leaving you feel  less confident  and depressed about your body.

Luckily, Vaser Liposuction can solve this problem easily and quickly .

At Kalosa, our team of Surgeons Dr Khare Ashish (renowned and best plastic surgeon in Delhi/ncr ) and Dr Asthana Deepti (internationally trained cosmetic gynae surgeon) have performed more than 10,000 plus Vaser Liposuction procedures , to transform the bodies of countless patients , so that they can feel great everytime they look in front of the mirror . They are experts in their own fields, help in reshaping your body and giving you back more curvier and slimmer look. KALOSA is the best clinic in Delhi/ NCR for flank liposuction or love handle liposuction.

Let us  solve some of the queries about  the Liposuction of the Love handles…

Who is a good candidate for love handle Liposuction ?You are a good candidate for love handle  liposuction if you are one of the following :

  1. You have fatty area on the flank which popps out from your dress
  2. You are aware that this procedure will get you back in shape and can get you an hour glass figure
  3. Your skin is healthy and elastic
  4. You are too depressed because of the shape of your body

What to expect after a liposuction surgery for love handles?

  1. A slimmer waist and more curvier body
  2. Less flank fat enabling you to wear comfortably any of your favourite dress
  3. Athletic body, better muscle tone

Can love handles Liposuction be combined with other body procedures ?

Love handle Liposuction can be done individually or can be combined with fat grafting procedure i. e  Brazilian butt Lift or other areas of liposuction eg abdominal Liposuction .

How long do I need to wear the pressure garments ?

Pressure garments are advised to wear for around six weeks continuously for giving  better contour and shape .