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Reconstruction is passion of every plastic surgeon and it is especially close to heart of Dr Ashish Khare who has also trained himself in reconstructive microsurgery and is one of the best reconstruction surgeon in DELHI/ NCR. This specific branch of plastic surgery is useful in many events – whether any congenital anomaly or any developmental defects or any traumatic event. It is indeed a boon to us as because of this, complete restoration of function and growth is possible.

Let us see some FAQs related to this field of plastic surgery.

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery involves repair and restoration of body function through repair of body tissues that improves quality of life.

What are the different types of reconstructive surgery?

The different types of reconstructive surgery are

  1. Congenital defects like cleft lip and palate, ear deformities, hypospadias etc.
  2. Developmental abnormalities –
  3. Trauma/Injuries – cut injuries , hand transplant, face transplant etc.
  4. Tumors/Cancers – reconstruction after tumor removal eg skin closure, breast reconstruction after carcinoma breast removal
  5. eg where skin grafting etc. is useful
  6. Severe degree of burns
  7. Hand abnormalities like arthritis, ganglion, contractures etc.
  8. Scar revision
  9. Nerve regeneration
  10. Bone regeneration

What are the different techniques used?

There are different techniques which are used eg

  1. skin grafts – split thickness grafts, full thickness grafts etc.
  2. flaps – local flaps, free flaps etc.
  3. tissue expanders

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