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Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat deposits in the body. It is performed on specific areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, or arms. Liposuction is alternatively known as fat removal surgery. However, it isn’t an ideal weight-loss method; instead, it removes deposited fats from certain areas. An overweight person is more likely to lose weight from diets and workouts rather than surgeries.

If you are looking for a fat removal surgery in Delhi or liposuction surgery in Delhi by expert surgeon, then Kalosa clinic is ideal for you.

Who is the ideal candidate for liposuction surgery in Delhi?

Having unrealistic expectations from surgeries that tend to change appearance is preposterous. As no surgery guarantees weight loss furthermore, liposuction would not get rid of cellulite. It also comes with its risks, so to have it performed, the ideal candidate needs to be in stable body weight, have elastic skin, and do not smoke or drink or have any blood or heart-related disease.

What should be the expectation from liposuction surgery in Delhi?

At Kalosa, Dr. Ashish Khare, a Liposuction Surgeon in Delhi, assesses the patients who want liposuction to be done. In addition, if any female is diagnosed with hormonal issues or weight gain issues like thyroid or PCOS, Dr. Deepti Asthana will assess them.

All the preparations are done, and under the effect of anesthesia, liposuction surgery in Delhi is performed. The doctors are likely to mark the areas where fat removal surgery is to be done and take pictures for before and after-effects.

Are the results of fat removal surgery permanent?

During the liposuction surgery, the fat cells in the body are removed permanently, resulting in a good body shape. However, if the proper diet or workouts are not followed post the procedure, the body can gain weight again with new fat cells. Thus, it would cause the body to gain weight and the unwanted fat deposits in different body areas.

If you want permanent after-effects, keep following a good diet with tons of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Workout properly and keep consulting your doctor for good advice.

In what areas is liposuction surgery done?

Certain parts in our body do not respond very well to diet, and hence, no results of fat loss are seen there. For such areas, liver function surgery is performed to remove the fat cells permanently.

  • Liposuction is done in the following areas:
  • Upper Arms
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hips and thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back and buttocks

Sometimes this fat removal surgery can also be used for the treatment of gynecomastia.

What is liposuction surgery cost in Delhi?

The liposuction procedure depends on the type of fat cells, their number, and the area of deposited fat. However, liposuction surgery cost in Delhi vary depending upon the volume of fat to be removed.

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, the quality matters more than the prices. Money is important but not the most significant factor in good health of your body. When you choose a liposuction surgeon in Delhi, the expected prices may be expensive. Still, it is worth it as doctors at kalosa clinic have years of expertise and experience in liposuction surgery.

What is required post liposuction surgery?

Post the surgery; the patient is required to wear fitted garments for 3 to 4 weeks to tighten the skin. Initial ten days post-surgery may be painful with swelling around the treated areas. In addition, the incision areas may secrete some fluid.

It is also very necessary to take care of the body weight as if the body regained weight; fatty bulges may reappear.

One good thing about liposuction surgery is that there is no requirement for hospital stays. However, there is also an added risk of infection, so that antibiotic treatment will be given for two weeks post-surgery.

What are the risks involved with liposuction surgery?

Every surgery comes with its risk, so is liposuction. If you do not want post-surgery complications, make sure to get your treatment done by medically verified surgeons. You can find the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi at Kalosa Clinic.

However, several possible risks may involve bleeding, complications from anesthesia, infection, fat metabolism, burns, uneven fat removal, reactions to injections, skin sensation changes, and even damage to the nerves and blood vessels.