Post Operative Care and Precautions After Hair Transplant

Follow these Precautions After Hair Transplant Surgery:

  • Avoid Alcohol consumption and Smoking for a month .
  • Avoid heavy exertion ,exercises like running, jogging, swimming, forward bending for a month .
  • Avoid breathing exercises, yoga for a month .
  • Anything which cause strain over the scalp should be avoided , like outburst and laughing should be avoided for at least two weeks post transplant .
  • Do not apply hand over the scalp immediately and till at least five days post transplant .
  • Avoid chronic cough and constipation .
  • Sleep supine with two pillows below the shoulder.
  • Some swelling over the head after transplant is normal .
  • Wear the cap provided for at least seven days post transplant ,followed by a loose fitted cap .
  • Avoid going in dust and rain.
  • Apply T – bact ointment over the stich line well as donor area .
  • No ointment should be applied over the transplanted area.
  • First head wash will be given after 72 hours in the clinic.
  • Use Johnsons baby shampoo for head wash for six months.
  • No hair oil application over the scalp for six months .
  • No hair color should be applied for six months.
  • No hair cutting of the transplanted hairs .

Do take proper precautions, we expect a good result. You can consult with best hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon to know more.