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Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti Wrinkle & Anti Aging Treatment in Gurgaon

Wrinkles are unwanted gifts we receive as part and parcel of aging. The thinner your overlying skin becomes, the action of underlying muscle becomes more prominent and hence leads to formation of wrinkles. Nobody loves them but people are unaware that these can be treated and give you a flawless look. With the ongoing digitalization which has increased zoom meetings and online video consultations, it is becoming more important that you take care of those fine lines also. After all, beauty is ageless and you can be still charming at 50 or 60 if you are aware of proper skin care.Many people follow unhealthy lifestyles which ultimately reflects on your skin. Also stress of everyday life and lack of adequate relaxation adds to enhanced aging process. Aging is an irreversible process but how you age is totally under your control if you follow healthy lifestyle and do early interventions. With the development of science, there are various methods which can help you slow down the aging on your face. KALOSA COSMETIC CLINIC is the best clinic for anti wrinkle treatment as it individualizes each patient and has expertise of renowned plastic surgeon Dr Ashish Khare. We promise to treat you under full medical supervision and following all medical ethics. This ensures complete safety for all the patients and you can visit us with full confidence. People now know that KALOSA means QUALITY beauty care.

Let us see some FAQs about anti wrinkle treatment –

What are the wrinkles?

Wrinkles are deep creases of skin that are concentrated at one area and make you look older.

What is the mechanism of their formation?

There are two main causes of wrinkle formation-

  1. Overlying skin becomes thin due to sun exposure (damage caused by UV light) and aging
  2. Underlying fat atrophies leading to skin resting directly on the muscle , hence with every muscle movement, skin which has lost elasticity becomes more loose leading to wrinkle formation

What are the types of wrinkles?

Wrinkles can be of two main types-

  1. STATIC WRINKLES – due to damage to skin from sun exposure, smoking, genetics etc
  2. DYNAMIC WRINKLES – the wrinkles caused by contraction of muscles attached to the skin eg eyebrow wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, crows feet etc
  3. WRINKLE FOLD – they result due to sagging of facial structure eg nasolabial groove

What are the treatment options available?

You would usually be advised cocktail of the following treatments –

  1. MESOTHERAPY – involves injection of supplements like Vit A, E , C, stem cells etc
  2. CHEMICAL PEELS – superficial peels cause mild exfoliation whereas deep peels like TCA , Phenol etc cause deeper exfoliation
  3. LASER RESURFACING – stimulates skin to produce more collagen
  4. BOTULINUM TOXINS – relaxes the muscles that produce the frown line etc They are mainly used for forehead wrinkles or crow feet wrinkles
  5. DERMAL FILLERS – they increase the volume to the underlying tissue. they are mainly used for lip augmentation or smile lines
  6. NANO FAT FILLERS – fat is sucked out through liposuction canula, filtered and then transferred back to your own skin to increase the underlying volume
  7. MICRODERMABRASION – removes superficial skin and stimulates the underlying collagen production.
  8. COSMETIC SURGERIES – eg blepharoplasty etc

What are the preventive measures to follow to prevent wrinkle formation?

  1. Avoid too much direct sun exposure and always use good sunscreen with SPF more than 30
  2. Eat healthy diet with keep good hydration
  3. Avoid smoking or alcohol
  4. Avoid stress in life