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Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic in Gurgaon

The world is getting polluted at an alarming rate. Increased emissions of harmful gases and dust in the atmosphere harm the human beings in more ways than one. Human hair are fragile to poor environmental conditions. Due to the pollution, problems of hair thinning and hair damage have become a common sight these days. For the aging men and women, hair loss is a natural phenomenon which gets fostered by the polluted environment around them. While the environment will get better at its own pace, one solution to the problem of lesser hair on scalp is getting the hair transplant done.

Kalosa is one of the best hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon that has served hundreds of happy customers. The clinic has a team of well experienced and highly efficient hair transplant surgeons, who use the latest technologies and techniques like FUT, FUE, Direct hair transplant according to the grade of baldness. The surgeons also indulge in hair transplant consultation with the clients before performing the surgery.

From explaining the process to the pros and cons of it, everything is explained to them in detail. The clients are also asked about the areas where they want to get the hair transplantation done so as to deliver the best service as desired by them.

The best hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon maintain high standards of hygiene and follow the steps orderly whilst using the properly sterilized syringes and other equipments. In the entire process, great care is taken to minimize the pain as much as possible. Kalosa is the best cosmetic clinic in Gurgaon, where all the patients are treated with utmost care and advanced graft storage solutions are used during the transplant process of the patient. In addition to this, care is taken to ensure maximum survival and greater strength of the newly transplanted hair so that they look and feel like the natural ones.

The clinic’s best cosmetic surgeons in Gurgaon take up high speed implementation of hair grafts so that the ‘out of body’ time is minimized. After the transplant is done, some amount of pain might persist which will gradually fade away with time. The confidence once lost due to hair loss will be regained easily and that too with less pain and at affordable prices.

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Our Clients Testimonials

“I had hair transplant done from kalosa clinic thank you Kalosa team for my new look and confidence. Entire Team is dedicated and thorough professional.” _ Payush Gupta

“Got my hair transplant done at the clinic 6 months back. Results are over whelming and have given boost to my personality. Keep up the good work Kalosa Team.” _Vipin

“I am living a new life after getting hair transplant from Kalosa clinic 8 months back. Thank you Kalosa Team and Dr. Ashish Khare.” _ Amit Kelva

“Got liposuction and Tummy Tuck done from Dr. Ashish Khare. I have gained back my curves and confidence staff is dedicated and doctor approachable. Thanks Kalosa Team.” _Neeti Thakur

“Hi… I had sagging eyelids before, and got blepharoplasty done from Dr Ashish Khare. Looking 10 years younger now. Thanks Dr. Khare.” _Esther

“ Revirgination surgery has given me confidence to enter into new phase of my life. Thanks Kalosa Team for all the support and care.” _Anju Patel

“Got my nose hump correction from Dr Ashish Khare at a very decent price. Results are good and have boosted my confidence. Thanks Dr Khare.” _ Manju ji

“I underwent gynecomastia surgery by Dr. Ashish. It was a simple daycare procedure under tumescent/local anesthesia. I was advised to wear pressure garments post surgery for 6 weeks. I am totally satisfied with the contour and shape now. Overall experience has been great and very satisfying. Thanks Kalosa Team for the care.” _Nishant

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