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Lip Reduction and Augmentation

LIP is the most seductive feature of our face and enhances one’s beauty. Very thick or thin lips may diminish the charm of the face and may take away all of one’s confidence.

The solution to this lies with the best Cosmetic surgeon of Delhi, Dr. Ashish Khare.

Lip modification is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries these days.

A plastic surgeon assesses the proper proportion and balance of the face and defines the lip shape accordingly.

Some patients want that perfect v or the cupid’s bow, some want parallel philtrum and some look for voluminous pouty lips.

Thanks to developing science and art, all such dreams are now possible and KALOSA is the one of the best clinic for lip reduction in Delhi NCR.

Whereas lip reduction is a purely surgical procedure, lip augmentation is usually done through fillers.

Some patients are not happy with their thick lips and feel depressed about it. They think it looks disproportionate to other facial features. But fortunately, this can be corrected by a short surgery in a daycare setting and is a permanent method. It can be combined with other facial surgeries like chin augmentation etc.

Dr Ashish Khare is the best cosmetic surgeon in DELHI NCR and has experience doing more than 3000 aesthetic cases. He understands the facial anatomy and would assess you for the required correction. Apart from cosmetic reasons, sometimes you may require lip reduction for medical reasons such as speech or proper mouth closure.

Once finalized for surgery, you would be given preoperative instructions and preliminary investigations. Blood thinner drugs and smoking are required to be stopped prior to the operation.

It can be done under local as well as general anesthesia. Incision line is on the inner side of the lip so that scar is not visible later on. Surgeon removes a chunk of lip tissue according to your requirement before closing it with sutures.

POST OPERATIVELY , swelling takes time to settle, hence final results may be apparent after 4 to 6 weeks. Other uncommon complications may be asymmetry and scarring.

Doctor will give you full post operative instructions and guide you in a proper way.

You will love your new lips and rekindle your facial charm.one or both the lips can be corrected at the same sitting.

This procedure is meant for those who find their lips very thin and love the pouty voluminuous lips. unlike lip augmentation, this procedure is temporary and requires injection of filler after regular period of time. it enhances your facial feature and give a sexy appeal to you.

Dr Khare has special interest for aesthetic procedures and is one of the best aesthetic doctor in Delhi/ NCR. he will assess you preoperatively and explain you the whole procedure.

the procedure is opd based and requires definite amount of dermal filler , usually hyaluronic acid injected to the lips.some fillers come premixed with local anaesthetic agents, so that pain on injecting is minimal.

you may require multiple sittings to obtain the desired result.

some bruising or small lump formed may gradually fade away .

this procedure is worth a try if you want to have those fuller plumper lips.