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Fat Grafting Surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Disproportionate bodies often lead to lack of confidence in a person. While one part of the body is in perfect shape, the other part lacks the volume. In such scenarios, fat grafting surgeries seem like the most viable option. Fat grafting surgeries transfer body fat from areas where a person has relatively more fat such as the thigh area and transfer it to the parts of body that lack the volume. The process is safe, natural and durable and imparts the much needed proportion in one’s body.Kalosa clinic is one of the best places to get fat grafting surgery in Gurgaon. From the right equipments and machines to the experienced surgeons, the clinic has it all. The surgeons at the clinic interact with the patients before the surgery to discuss the pros and cons of it. Also, they try to understand the issues being faced by the patient and discuss the best possible remedy to them.

People usually consider undergoing the fat grafting surgeries when they have crumpled facial areas, revise their scars, fill the bodily depressions etc. This happens as our skin withers away as it ages leading to a saggy skin. The best fat grafting surgeon in Gurgaon at the Kalosa clinic fill out the wrinkles and bodily depressions of the face with the fat imparting injections that pump up the blood circulation within the tissues. The cells with high rejuvenation power are injected in the skin thus making it relatively plump. A lot of fat transfer surgeries in Gurgaon are performed by the surgeons at the Kalosa clinic.

They use the recent techniques and equipments to carry out the surgery so as to get the desired results to the patients. After the surgery, the skin might look a little different, but later it will get the desired look.