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Dark Circles Treatment in Gurgaon

Living in a fast moving world has its own side effects. You are able to maintain your pace according to the requirement but at the cost of your own health. Stress manifests in various ways on your body, and one of those is development of undereye dark circle. There are also other reasons for this including lack of sleep, nutrition deficiency, too much of electronic gadget staring and lack of exercise. You need not be an elderly to get these, even a teenager sinking down due to weight of studies may also have dark eye circles. Once done with the studies, then they realize how badly these dark circles are affecting the beauty of their face. They become under confident and more stressed out. All such people losing sleep over their dark circles should relax and visit our place for correct piece of advice and treatment.

Kalosa Clinic is the best clinic for under eye dark circle treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Dr. Ashish Khare is best doctor for dark circle removal in Gurgaon, who is expert in aesthetic procedures and would make you comfortable even if you are super anxious with over realistic expectations.

under eye dark circles treatment in gurgaon

FAQs about dark circle treatment

What are the various reasons of dark circles formation?

The skin around the eyes  is very very thin and is devoid of significant oil glands. Due to constant use of eye muscles involved in various expressions, these muscles exercise more and get easily fatigued.

Hollow eyes or deep set eyes also reflect dark circles. Due to aging, there is decrease in fat and collagen below the eyes, this leads to more prominence of blood vessels, leading to reflection of these through thin skin which gives appearance of dark circles. There can be deposition of melanin around the eyes. There is also dullness of overlying skin, thinning of blood supply to the area or accumulation of fluid in extravascular space. This causes shadows that may give look of undereye dark circle.

Iron deficiency anemia is also an important cause which leads to decrease in blood supply to the area and easy fatigue.

Sun exposure, smoking and genetics also play a role in formation of dark circles.

What are the treatment options available?

The various treatment options aim towards increasing the underlying fat and collagen, making overlying skin bright and tighten it. The various treatments available are –

  1. Chemical peels
  2. Microneedling
  3. Laser resurfacing
  4. Carboxy therapy
  5. Fat injections
  6. Fillers
  7. Surgical tightening by blepharoplasty
How long does it take to remove dark circles?

Dark circles are usually difficult to correct immediately and require multiple sessions. Apart from this, lifestyle changes should be made and predisposing factors should be removed or corrected.