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Hyperpigmentation is a common problem, affecting males and females from the teenage to the elderly age group. It may occur post acne or due to sun damage or be another manifestation of aging. It may also reflect some underlying medical condition (addison’s disease or hemochromatosis)or hormonal imbalance.The underlying mechanism is production of excessive melanin which causes increased pigmentation. There may be localised area of hyperpigmentation or generalized area.

Hyperpigmentation can be psychologically devastating to you. It can make your face look ugly and unpleasant. Your confidence is all lost and self esteem gets low. The people involved in glamour world are more depressed as it may affect their earning. People of marriagable age also accept rejections by opposite sides due to their patchy face.

Hence it is important to timely get this corrected as it may require multiple sessions. it is important you visit specialised clinics for this, like KALOSA COSMETIC CLINIC, which is the best cosmetic clinic of DELHI/NCR and meet Dr Ashish Khare, a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon who understands your skin condition and type of treatment which would be best for you, he has experience of doing more than 2000+ aesthetic cases till now and has achieved best results for his patients.

Let us see some FAQs about hyperpigmentation treatment

What are the various types of hyperpigmentation manifestations?
There can be varied manifestations of hyperpigmentation

  1. MELASMA – these are localized large areas of pigmentation, usually occurring on face and abdomen and common during pregnancy or hormonal intake.
  2. AGE SPOTS OR SOLAR LENTIGINES- these are smaller spots on exposed parts of the body and due to sun damage
  3. POST INFLAMMATORY – these occur dure to some inflammation eg post acne or psoriasis.
  4. Caf’e au lait macules – usually can vary from 1 to 20 cm and present at birth or early childhood. Usually laser therapy or surgical excision is required for treatment.
  5. FRECKLES OR EPTHELIDES – these are small macular spots, usually appear in childhood post sun exposure.

What are the various treatment options available at KALOSA?

you would be assessed by our expert completely and then a cocktail of treatment would be made for you depending on your lesion type. the various treatment options are

  1. FOR FAIR SKIN – laser therapy(high beam)

IPL (intense pulse light therapy)

  1. FOR MEDIUM SKIN TONE – chemical peels



  1. FOR DARK SKIN TONES – OTC pigment lightening cream

chemical peels (lower strength)

laser therapy (low intensity)


How many treatment sessions are required usually?

Your treatment plan will depend on many factors such as the location, depth, size and type of pigmentation. On average, patients will need 2-3 sessions for complete removal. Subsequent treatments can be scheduled as per the doctor’s advice.

When would results be apparent?

For most patients, results will be evident in about 4 weeks, but it can take up to 8 weeks for the full result. Patience is most important during the treatment.