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As we enter the teenage, we all want to shed our chubby cheeks behind and carry a slimmer face. Prominent cheekbones as well as jawline are desired by all, especially in this era of digital world where you are constantly judged on Facebook, Instagram and Zoom appearances.

These areas are diet and exercise resistant, hence there is frustration for inability to achieve the desired look. the only way out to achieve that is by removal of buccal pad of fat which makes it look more symmetrical and proportionate. this a short daycare surgery, done by our expert plastic surgeon Dr Ashish Khare.

It can often be combined by dimple making surgery to enhance your facial looks.

you can achieve a more confident and charming look through the surgery done by the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi NCR, Dr Ashish Khare.

See how the surgery is done.

Procedure steps

  1. Surgery can be done under local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia.
  2. Incision given inside the mouth at the buccalmucosa, so there is no visible scarring
  3. Buccal pad of fat is extracted from the overlying tissue, same removed and then incision closed .


Recovery is uncomplicated , patient is discharged same day. Liquids and soft diet can be started from the same day.


Parotid gland duct is at risk of injury during the dissection but if you are in experienced hands like Dr. Khare, it is rarely injured.