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Wart, Skin Tag or Mole Removal Surgery in Gurgaon

At one time, moles were considered a beauty spot or spectacularly fashionable. Fake moles were created artificially by old western world. Gradually, there came awareness about malignant changes in moles which has resulted in panic and patients lining up for mole removal. But now, there is just another group of people who are conscious about their appearance and feel embarrassed because of awkward situation of these moles. They consider it a defect with their unpredictable bulges and hairs and hinderance to flawless beauty.

Hence, there is a rise in demand of removal of these moles. Same applies to warts and skin tags. Some warts are caused by cancer causing viruses(human papilloma virus), hence should be removed. They can occur on upper body like fingers or near genital area. Similarly skin tags are nuisance to some, although they are usually painless.

Kalosa Clinic is best place for Wart, Skin Tag or Mole Removal Surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. A plastic surgeon based clinic, apart from surgical excision, clinic offers various other methods to remove these medical conditions.


FAQs about Mole Removal

What are the treatment options for mole removal?
  1. Excision with or without sutures
  2. laser excision
  3. Radiofrequency
What are the different types of warts ?
  1. PLANTAR WARTS They appear as flesh-colored or light brown lumps that are flecked with small blood vessel that appear as tiny black dots. They are commonly seen on planter sole, neck and axillary folds
  2. GENITAL WARTS – They look like small flesh-colored, pink, or red growths. They appear in clusters of three or four, and may grow and spread rapidly. They appear in the pubic area, around the anal opening and vagina.
  3. Flat warts- They are smoother, flatter, and smaller than other warts. They generally occur on the face or on the legs, especially among females.
What are the treatments available for warts ?
  1. Radiofrequency ablation
  2. Chemicals like imiquimod
What are skin tags?

Skin tags are benign painless growths connected to skin by a peduncle. they are usually found at armpits, groin, neck , thigh , breast etc.

What are the various modalities for skin tag removal?
  1. Cryotherapy
  2. Radiofrequency
  3. Surgical removal
  4. Ligation with sutures.