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Stretch Marks Removal in Gurgaon

Stretch marks are the undesirable gift you get after going through pregnancy or rapid weight loss/gain. All the joy of starting event is decreased when these stretch marks are discovered to be persistent in spite of taking all the precautions for its prevention. Obese females who sweat out in gyms for fat loss, discover these increasing stretch marks with every inch of fat loss and ones, who are yet to get married get more depressed. Females who want to flaunt their figure in beach wear find difficult  to wear their swim wear any further. Sometimes, they can appear during rapid growth of puberty. Hence we understand these are so cosmetically disturbing for such a large fraction of society. We, at Kalosa Clinic, are providing the best stretch marks treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR at affordable cost. Being headed by best plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ashish Khare and internationally trained best cosmetic gynae surgeon, Dr. Deepti Asthana, clinic boosts of best surgical team in the city. The technology and equipment used for stretch marks removal in Gurgaon are latest and best in the field.

stretch marks removal in gurgaon

FAQs about stretch marks

Q. How are stretched marks formed?

A. Stretch marks are formed due to rapid and excessive enlargement of skin with resultant damage to underlying collagen and elastin fibers. this leads to formation of pink to purple scar marks which appear as stretch marks. Gradually, with time, these fade away and become white.

Q. Are stretched marks formation dependent on type of skin also?

A. Patients with healthy elastic skin who have sufficient collagen and good connective tissue, usually develop less stretch marks.

Q. What are the treatment options available?

A. There is no single treatment which works but a cocktail of treatment needs to be designed for stretch marks treatment. Various methods used are CO2 therapy, laser therapy, chemical peels, PRP therapy, micro needling and dermabrasion. These work by remodeling the collagen and the connective tissue and gradual healing. At Kalosa Clinic, you can get best treatment for stretch marks by expert doctor in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

Q. How many treatment sessions are usually required?

A. Usually multiple sittings are required for each treatment modalities. patients should have patience and will definitely notice improvement with each session.

Q. Can we expect complete removal of stretch marks?

Stretch marks represent tear in collagen sheets, so it is possible to lighten and fade them but sometimes these are resistant to go off completely. We at Kalos Clinic, providing Stretch marks removal treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR at affordable cost.