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Gone are the days when beauty enhancement was associated with only females. Now it is quissential part of males too. Masculinity show is the new trend. Earlier they used to look upto the gyms , but now, search is on the best cosmetic surgery center in the city. Not only men who are in glamour industry like actors, models, airline industry but also ones who are in IT industry or any other noble profession, now want to be presentable and impressive. Of course, demand for men makeover is more just before taking the marriage oath. Nowadays, men want to defy their age for their special occasions also like 25th or 50th marriage anniversary, and want makeover so that they look young forever. With flooding of digital media in our lives, the obsession to look their best is also a reason why men are turning to cosmetic surgeries nowadays.

At KALOSA, you can be reassured that you are visiting the best cosmetic clinic in Delhi / NCR as we stand for quality and excellence. Dr. Ashish Khare is a true etcher who can transform you completely with his magnificent skills and deep knowledge of aesthetics and plastic surgery. His vast past experience helps him turn best outlook for you.

Let us look what all services in package are being offered at KALOSA COSMETIC CLINIC. Though 3 minimum services need to be chosen to avail package discount, services as desired can be picked by the patient. The services of the package need to be completed within 3 months.

PACKAGE (3+1 OFFER, service of lowest cost comes completely free)

  1. liposuction
  2. gynecomastia
  3. hair transplant
  4. 6 pack abs
  5. dimple creation
  6. jaw line enhancement
  7. rhinoplasty
  8. anti aging
  9. laser hair reduction / beard shaping
  10. any service of your choice

Booking multiple services at one time is beneficial for you for multiple reasons. You work together with your doctor in achieving a single targeted goal. You do not have to take extra offs from your work , recovery period can be combined together. Requirement for anesthesia multiple times is also eliminated. Combining services can be fruitful for your pocket also.