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Gynecomastia Surgery in Gurgaon or Male breast Reduction surgery in India

Gynecomastia, better known as “man boobs, is the development of female-like breasts in men caused by the overgrowth of male breast tissue which makes the chest look bigger than normal. The underlying mechanism could be the disturbed hormonal balance, which may be caused by either the reduced testosterone or the excessive female hormones.

Moreover, this is due to factors such as ageing processes or taking of some medications such as the use of steroids.It is mostly noticed in the teens and grown men and this makes them physically uncomfortable as well as emotional distress. The operation performed for gynecomastia is medically referred to as male breast reduction surgery to fix this problem in male persons. The goal of this procedure is to eliminate any extra breast tissue found which helps the chest appear fitting and masculine.

Gynecomastia is not a dangerous condition, but it can be quite distressing and make you feel self-conscious or stressed in social settings. At moments, it can be as severe as getting depressed. To eliminate the possibility of the issues mentioned above, you need to receive medical treatment for gynecomastia. You can go to Kalosa Clinic in Gurgaon for assistance. They undertake gynecomastia operations to permanently and effectively reduce instead of enlarged breasts.

Being a specialist Gynecomastia surgeon, Dr Ashish Khare operates his procedures for Gynecomastia surgery in Gurgaon at Kalosa Clinic, Delhi NCR. Not only the physical looks but also your confidence will be boosted by this surgery. Visible results will be laid out in front of you within a few weeks after the operation.

What are the expenses for Gynecomastia Surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR?

The price for gynecomastia surgery in Gurgaon changes with the choice of treatment that the patient makes. However if someone likes to have liposuction or how many grams of fat are needed to be removed from the chest, the price can differ depending on one’s choice.

However, if they have a mastectomy, it can be more expensive. There are a few things that affect how much the surgery costs:

  • The type of surgery and anaesthesia chosen by the patient.
  • The fees charged by the clinic and the consulting surgeon.
  • The professional charges of the surgeon.
  • The use of specific equipment by the surgeon in the clinic, such as VASER and Microaire.

Benefits of Gynaecomastia Surgery

Getting male breast reduction surgery has been shown to bring benefits that improve both physical and emotional health. Stephanie W. Holzmer says that most patients are really happy with the results of surgery. They report high satisfaction rates, usually between 84.5% and 100%.

The benefits of this surgical process include:

Better Looks: Having big male breasts can make you feel embarrassed, especially when swimming or working out. Gynecomastia surgery in Gurgaon can make you look more masculine and balanced.

More Confidence: Lots of men feel better about themselves and surer of themselves after gynecomastia surgery. The process of mastectomy will get rid of the excess breast tissue, and this way they will feel better about their bodies, and confident.

Less Physical Discomfort: Big male breasts can lead to discomfort like rubbing and irritation on the skin. The treatment for gynecomastia can address all that pre-existing discomfort making you happier with your body image.

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Gynecomastia Treatment Process

How to diagnose Gynecomastia?

Dr Ashish Khare will speak to you first to know the extent of the gynecomastia issue. Then the surgeon will do an extensive check to make sure that the issue is not too serious. They will be interested to know about your medical history and any medications you are currently on. To find out more about what’s causing the issue and what treatment you might need, the surgeon might suggest a few tests:

  • Mammogram
  • CT scans
  • MRI scans
  • Testicular ultrasound
  • Procedure
  • Blood test

The Gynecomastia Procedure

As soon as the doctor knows what’s going on based on the test results, they will help you with the best treatment options for gynecomastia. In the case of mild illness, they may suggest using some medicine. On the contrary, more often than not, supplements won’t be an effective choice. On that account, they can propose gynecomastia surgery; liposuction is used to suck out the extra glands, whereas the other gland tissue is removed to reduce the size of the big breasts. It is the quickest procedure 0.5 to 1 hours mostly and patients can go home on the same day. The process starts with the creation of a small incision just adjacent to the nipple at the top of the breast to remove excess fat and glandular tissue.

Gynecomastia Stages

  • Have a look at the Gynecomastia StagesGrade 1: This stage involves a minor enlargement of the breast tissue without any excess skin. The breast may appear slightly larger than usual, but there is no significant sagging or extra skin present.
  • Grade 2: Now it is at this time there is a mild swelling of the breasts with absence of skin overabundance. The size of a breast may be more substantial when compared to the pre-pregnancy size, but that excess skin which may lead to sagging and drooping is no longer present.
  • Grade 3: At this stage, the breast tissue is found to be moderately enlarged while the skin is also wrinkled. This can be demonstrated when the breasts look fuller and may slightly sag because of the new skin stretch that has taken place.
  • Grade 4: This is the uppermost stage, characterized by the rapid growth of most of the predominant mammary cells and excessive skin. The breasts also become quite big and may even droop a lot because of the extra skin, which can cause a lot of pain and affect the appearance.

Why should you choose Dr Ashish Khare for Gynecomastia Surgery?

  • 15+ Years Experienced Plastic Surgeons: Our surgeon – Dr Khare, who have been doing gynecomastia surgeries for more than 15 years, already have vast experience in this field. He has encountered numerous cases; hence he is an expert and can provide you with the best treatment and results.
  • 10,000+ Successful Procedures: The surgical team at Kalosa has already accomplished the feat of 10,000 safe gynecomastia surgeries. This shows that they do the task honestly and is good for you, and then you get the results you desire. Their past performance shows that they are sincerely focused on the satisfaction of their patients with their treatment results.
  • US FDA Approved: The gynecomastia surgeries that are held at Kalosa clinic have the FDA’s approval. High quality being their motto, they ensure that every item they produce meets way above the safety and quality limits. This may relieve your stress and help you to cope with your treatment better.
  • 0 Cost EMI: You can purchase the procedure of gynecomastia in monthly instalments and there are no extra charges for the same. This eliminates the need to make one-time burdensome expenses and arrange payment options accordingly. Thus, you will be able to take care of your health without the stress of finances.

Know About Gynecomastia Surgery Videos by Dr. Ashish Khare:

Gynecomastia Surgery Videos by Dr. Ashish Khare

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Based on 52 reviews
Jaspreet Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur
Dr. Ashish Khare is undoubtedly the best cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Gurgaon. I had a head injury with a skull deep cut on my forehead. I was scared that the sutures will leave a lifelong scar. Dr. Khare did the procedure so patiently and kept motivating me positively that there will be a very light scar and I need not worry about it. Its been a while since I got the sutures and the scar is hardly visible. His staff was also very warm and supportive and his clinic is clean and well equipped with all latest amenities. He is definitely your go to person for any plastic or cosmetic surgery. Thankyou once again Dr Khare.
Vijay Arya
Vijay Arya
I was suffering from excess skin over my upper eyelids since a long and I was looking for a option for that. I met Dr. Ashish Khare, he made me comfortable and we planned my blepharoplasty procedure also called as double eyelid surgery, today doctor cut my sutures and im very happy with the results. Thanks Dr Ashish Khare and team Kalosa .
I was suffering from gynaecomastia from a long time. I was searching a lot about whom to consult this. After searching a lot, I came to know about doctor Ashish. In our first meeting, he made me comfortable and told everything about the procedure and cleared all the confusion that I had in my mind. Even after our meeting, I called him so many times and each time he picked up my call and answered all my queries. I finally decided to undergo this surgery. Now, its been a month after the surgery, I am very happy with the results and feel quite confident about my body. Thanks to doctor Ashish and his staff.
Soniya Sharma
Soniya Sharma
I was suffering from small breast since a long time . I wanted a solution for that as I feel very low in self esteem and confidence , I came to know about Dr Ashish Khare at Kalosa Cosmetics . The doctor told me about implant and I underwent breast implant surgery by Dr Ashish . I did not tell anyone about the procedure , the doctor and team took proper care of me during and after the procedure . It was a day care surgery and really painless . My dressing was removed after 48 hrs and I can see the difference . I was really very happy with the results and I truly recommend Dr Ashish Khare and kalosa cosmetics for breast implant surgeries as well as breast reduction surgery . In my opinion Dr Ashish Khare is best plastic surgeon in this field . Really appreciate the doctor .
Kajal Jyani
Kajal Jyani
Was looking for the best breast surgeon in Gurgaon for Breast Implant. Finally, a friend told me about Dr. Khare. I visited him. He told me everything about Breast Implant and before 15 days ago my Breast Implant surgery has been done by him. Thanks Dr. Khare for your service.
Heena Kharod
Heena Kharod
“I do not like my nose and i want a nose job done.” Our adult but also a teenager son sprang a surprise on us. We tried our best to convince him that his nose was close to perfect and he didn’t need any surgery. Besides, the after effects of any surgery would be long lasting and sometimes permanent. But he was insistent since he had done a lot of online research on this topic. He felt that he had lost his confidence as he hated his nose and surgery was the only option to regain his lost confidence.We approached Dr.Khare with this issue and shared our son’s pics with him. After seeing his pics, he acted very maturely and understood that the issue with our son was a psychological one – effect of hardly any face to face interactions with people due to 2.5 years of Corona. He acted more like a psychologist and explained to our son in detail about different types of noses, who went for a surgery and why, clearly highlighting the long term effects of a surgery. He also gave personal tips on how to boost confidence by making new friends, developing new hobbies etc.Many times plastic surgeons have to be psychologists, as certain unnoticeable issues with a person’s face that he/she personally dislike are an offshoot of their mind which doesn’t require any surgery or correction. Many plastic surgeons don’t even bother to talk out a young teenager/adult from surgery as it is a part of their business. But definitely not Dr. Khare.After one meeting with him, our son was convinced that he did not need a surgery. Had he been a totally money minded surgeon, he would have convinced our son otherwise.Can’t comment on Dr. Khare's surgical competences ( am sure he would be good at that too ) as have not experienced it, but highly recommend him for his understanding levels and maturity.
Suhail Mustafa
Suhail Mustafa
Dr. Ashish is one of the few doctors that actually specializes in getting rid of gynecomastia. I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and can say I have never felt so much relief... Even w/ some swelling, my chest looks 100% better. Thanks to Dr. Ashish and his staff!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is a procedure aimed to remove extra fat and tissue from the chest area, and this consequently, causes women’s breasts to develop in men.

What should a patient do to get ready for Gynecomastia surgery?

Before gynecomastia surgery, it is important to:

  • Have a discussion with the doctor about the risks, complications, and benefits.
  • Let the doctor know about any past and current medications, as well as medical history.
  • Complete any lab tests recommended by the doctor.
  • Undergo an evaluation of your health condition by the doctor.
  • Sign a consent form before the surgery.
  • Have photographs taken before and after the surgery for comparison.
  • Have necessary markings made for incision sites a few hours before the surgery.

What is Gynecomastia Surgery used for?

Here are the purposes of Gynecomastia Surgery:

  • Achieving a more masculine chest appearance
  • Quick recovery with hardly noticeable scars
  • Enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem for an improved quality of life

When is Gynecomastia Surgery recommended?

Here are the reasons why Gynecomastia surgery might be recommended:

  • Body and back pain due to enlarged breasts
  • Difficulty performing daily activities because of chest pain, rashes, or irritation
  • Changes in hormone levels
  • Hypogonadism
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Malnutrition
  • Obesity
  • Abuse of anabolic steroids

How Gynecomastia Surgery is carried out?

Gynecomastia Surgery typically follows these steps:

  • The process of gynecomastia starts with the patient that receives the sedation, and then the surgeon marks the cut areas.
  • The surgical area is then washed with antiseptics and sterile clothing is used.
  • The surgical option is based on the approach of liposuctioning or removal of the adipose tissue while the nonsurgical option uses cryolipolysis and radiofrequency technology to reduce the size of the fat cells, which then die and are flocked away from the body.
  • Finishing the whole process, the wound is then properly closed with stitches and dressings that are marinated and covered with sterile dressings.

How much does Gynecomastia Surgery cost in Gurgaon?

The cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Gurgaon can fluctuate due to several factors:

  • Patient’s age
  • Additional tests like X-rays or ECG
  • Hospital type
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Patient’s medical condition
  • Planned surgical method
  • Potential post-surgical complications
  • Chosen admission room
  • Admission fee

In Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, the minimum cost starts at Rs. 50,000, the average expenses hover around Rs. 58,000, and the maximum charges can reach up to Rs. 68,000.

Who is the right candidate to undergo Gynecomastia Surgery?

Candidates suitable for Gynecomastia Surgery include:

  • Men with long-standing back, neck, and shoulder pain and rashes or skin irritation under the breasts because of the large breast tissue.
  • Men whose enlarged breasts persist despite hormonal alterations and unsuccessful medical interventions.
  • Individuals afflicted with Gynecomastia.

What is the rate of success for Gynecomastia Surgery?

The success of gynecomastia surgery is greatly influenced by the number of factors known as the type of surgery, the patient’s general health condition, the doctor’s experience and the age of the patient. Yet, the Gynecomastia Surgery success rate is usually about 93%.

What alternative treatments are available for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Alternatives to Gynecomastia Surgery include:

  • Tissue removal or resection
  • Nipple and areolar complex elevation
  • Medication therapy
  • Liposuction for fat tissue removal

Dr Aman Priya Khanna is a well-known General Surgeon, Proctologist and Bariatric Surgeon currently associated with HealthFort Clinic, Health First Multipecialty Clinic in Delhi. He has 12 years of experience in General Surge


Dr Aman Priya Khanna is a well-known General Surgeon, Proctologist and Bariatric Surgeon currently associated with HealthFort Clinic, Health First Multispecialty Clinic in Delhi. He has 12 years of experience in General Surgery

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon (M.S., M.Ch., M.B.B.S.)15 Yrs Exp.

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